“Car wars: who violates the traffic rules and why?”

On summer 2017, in Bishkek was held the research on transport roads’ situations with the use of modern scientific methods. At the result, two models was worked out: first model sets the factors of giving bribe to the patrol officers, the second model  determines the factors of having traffic accidents. This research became possible to implement with the support of “Soros – Kyrgyzstan” Foundation.

The research brought out that:

  • 58% of traffic safety work is unsatisfying;
  • 48% of drivers do not know the traffic rules;
  • 70% of all drivers give bribe to patrol officers;
  • 84% voted that present number of cars in city are bad for health;
  • 70% of traffic accidents are not registered by official statistics;
  • 43% are ready to give up cars, if comfortable public transport will be introduced;
  • 38% will give up cars, if the safety for cycling will be provided.


In order to decrease corruption among worker of patrol police, it’s necessary:

  • to eradicate the ”selling” of driver’s license;
  • introduce the system of monitoring and registration of all traffic accidents and create a database of risk groups;
  • increase the compliance with traffic rules on the roads of city.

In order to decrease traffic accidents, necessary to:

  • eradicate the ”selling” of driver’s license;
  • introduce measures to rejuvenate the fleet or autopark? (example: fiscal or credit programs);
  • improve the fight with over speed;
  • increase the general compliance of traffic rules on the roads of city;
  • work out the integrated transport policy of Bishkek city for 10 years;
  • expand the current system of public transportation. For example, non-polluting types of public transportation (trolley buses, buses on gas), creating schedules of buses, insertion of new trolleybus lines, security for cyclists and so on.

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