Public lectures from Center for Environment and Development

On Thursday, October 19, CED held public lectures with the support of AUCA – NMBU Cooperation Project by two famous Norwegian professors, Professor Olvar Bergland and Professor Ole Gjølberg.

1.      Benefit Transfer without Apology: A Decision-Theoretic Approach by Professor Olvar Bergland, NMBU

2.      Oil Futures Revisited by Professor Ole Gjølberg, NMBU


PhD U of Kentucky, An associate editor of Journal of Commodity Markets, served on the council of the International Association for Energy Economics. His research interest is in energy economics and more specifically in electricity markets: market design, contracts and organization. Electricity markets are designed markets with clear and transparent rules, and frequent data, which are great for empirical industrial organization work. Expanding penetration in the market of intermittent production from renewable sources such as wind and solar with almost zero marginal costs creates challenges both with respect to security of supply and the usual pricing mechanisms for collecting sufficient revenue.


Prof. Ole Gjølberg is a Norwegian civil economist and academic. He is a professor of business economics at the Norwegian School of Business and Economics at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He has published a number of scientific and popular science works in financial and energy market analysis.

Prof. Gjølberg has had central positions in the Research Council of Norway and the University and Higher Education Council. Between 1987 and 1995 he was the main editor of Beta. Business Economics, issued by the University Publishing.

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