Tuebingen University visited CED AUCA

The Department of Geography of the University of Tuebingen (Germany) visited CED AUCA as part of their two-week excursion to Central Asia. The purpose of this field trip was to get more detailed information about current socio-economic, geopolitical as well as environmental issues in Central Asian countries. Second, visiting professors were interested in establishing contacts with potential academic partners in the region. The field trip was leaded by Dr.Sebastian Kinder and his colleague from Gdansk University, Prof.Czepczynski.

30 students and their professors were very much interested in current developments of socio-economic development in Kyrgyzstan, energy and water issues as well as urban development. They were also interested in learning more about CED AUCA and its work.

As a result of the meeting, Tuebingen University and AUCA have agreed on developing student exchange programs and collaborative research projects.

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