CED AUCA initiated the creation of Alliance of Green Universities in Kyrgyzstan

On June 20, CED AUCA held a round table with the participation of 10 universities. Round table participants decided to create a green platform called an Alliance of universities of the Kyrgyz Republic for a green economy and sustainable development (АВЗУР).

The idea of ​​creating such an Alliance came to the Center for Environment and Development (CED) of AUCA. The rest of the universities like AGUPKR, KNAU, KGUSTA, KRSU, KEU, UCA, MUK, KSLA, Military Institute of the Armed Forces fully supported the creation of the platform.







Kyrgyz universities and research centers need a common platform where academia workers that focus on the issues of ecology, green economy and sustainable development could exchange the latest research, textbooks, news on this topic. On the basis of the platform, participants can also create inter-university research teams and carry out large-scale research projects involving scientists from different universities.

Moreover, the Alliance can become a link between universities and government agencies, providing scientific support in the development of policies, development strategies of the Kyrgyz Republic and other important government documents in the field of green economy and sustainable development. The representative from the Ministry of Economy noted that their department needs contributions from the academia when developing various economic documents to provide science based policy. Therefore, the Ministry of Economy also supported the creation of the Alliance and expressed readiness to provide all possible assistance to universities.

Anyone from the academia can join the Alliance. CED AUCA was voted to be the coordinator of the Alliance’s activities.

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