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Smog Talk in ololohaus on December 18

  Activists from MoveGreen – МувГрин  will speak about ways to protect from smog and urgent actions that we need to fulfill to improve...   Read More

“Go Green AUCA!” campaign (November 29 – December 13)

We want AUCA to be more green and environment friendly and introduce sustainable practices and support ecological initiatives. Center for Environment and Development (CED)...   Read More

“AUCA is already on the path to green sustainable development” – international expert Frank Ebinger

AUCA strives to be environmentally friendly in its activities. Therefore, teachers and students (not only from AUCA, but also from other universities) happily devoted...   Read More

“Be ecofriendly!” student contest winners

Center for Enrivonment and Development is happy to announce the winners of photo and video contest among high school and university students “Be ecofriendly!”...   Read More

Photo and video contest: Be Ecofriendly!

  AUCA Center for Environment and Development (CED) invites all students to participate in green economy photo and video contest.   Your work can be...   Read More

Green Economy Learning Assessment for Kyrgyz Republic

CED presented results from its Green Economy Learning Assessment for Kyrgyz Republic, which focused on policy makers and academic institutions. Assessment was initiatied by...   Read More

CED is inviting you to series of public lectures «Leading to Green future!».

Even though it is a summer break in our university, we are still learning new and interesting things about sustainble living! CED AUCA is...   Read More

Robert Constanza

“Car wars: who violates the traffic rules and why?”

On summer 2017, in Bishkek was held the research on transport roads’ situations with the use of modern scientific methods. At the result, two...   Read More

Round Table “Green Economy Learning Assessment: the Kyrgyz Republic” 

On December 14. 2017, the Center for Environment and Development and Tian Shan Policy Center organized round-table discussion on green economy learning priorities. The...   Read More

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